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Join SF Seals!

Tryout for 2023-24 Competitive Programs

Thank you for your interest in San Francisco Seals soccer club!  Open Tryouts for all SF Seals competitive teams will be held on the 4/29-30 weekend.   Players not on a competitive team this spring season can also schedule a tryout by appointment.

No tryouts are necessary to join a grade-based micro or recreational teams.

All players interested in trying out for a competitive teams or joining a micro/recreational team should complete the Tryout/Request Info form by clicking on the link below.

We recommend that players trying out for competitive teams to prioritize attending the Saturday session (ok to attend Sunday if not possible to attend Sat).  We may ask you to return for Sun session if further evaluation is needed.  Please arrive 15-30 min early for check-in.  Sessions will start promptly at start time. 

Tryout Schedule (by Birth Year for both Boys & Girls): 

Saturday, April 29 - Margaret Hayward - Lang Field 

  • U8 (2017-16): 9am to 10am
  • U9 (2015): 10am to 11am
  • U10 (2014): 11am to Noon
  • U11 (2013): Noon to 1pm
  • U12 (2012): 1pm to 2pm
  • U13-14 (2011-10): 2pm to 330pm
  • U15-19 (2009-05): 330pm to 5pm

Sunday, April 30 - City College of SF Soccer Field 

  • U8-10 (2017-14): 930am to 1030am
  • U11-12 (2013-12): 1030am to 1130am
  • U13-14 (2011-10): 1130am to 1pm
  • U15-19 (2009-05): 1pm to 230pm

Club Information Sessions on Zoom

  • Thu, April 27 at 8pm
  • Sun, April 30 at 7pm
  • Tue, May 2 at 830pm

Please complete the Tryout/Request Info form prior to attending the tryout session.

2023-24 Program Information

2023-24 Program summary is available here:

Club Information Sessions

Please complete the info request form for more information about our competitive and recreational programs.  SF Seals Club Info Sessions via Zoom will be held on following evenings. 

Club Information Sessions on Zoom

  • Thu, April 27 at 8pm
  • Sun, April 30 at 7pm
  • Tue, May 2 at 8pm

Sign up by clicking on the "Tryout / Info Request" link below.

MLS NEXT Features SF Seals

"It's about the journey": San Francisco Seals change Bay Area youth soccer. 

San Francisco Seals director of coaching Shani Simpson has a clear goal in mind: bring back the Californian city as a developer of high-end talent in soccer.

Read the full article here.

Check Out the NBC-Bay Area Segment about SF Seals

A #BayArea soccer club is not letting the pandemic get in the way of practice. The #SFSeals are coming together by staying apart with virtual workouts. #soccer

2020 Club Member Survey Results

We launched our first formal club member survey in May 2020.  Despite challenges arising from cancelled competition in spring due to COVID-19, Seals families responded with very positive reviews.  We thank our club families for their ongoing support!

Here are some highlights:

  • More than 200 current Seals players responded to the survey (as of 5/30/2020) which represents about 50% of active club members 
  • Our Net Promoter score is 65% which is line with the some of most loyal consumer brands like Netflix, Starbucks and Amazon! (
  • Due to our instant pivot to individual training plan and online team training sessions, 85.9% of respondents were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with the overall Seals program this past year!

Below are the results of other survey questions (scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being very dissatisfied to 5 being very satisfied).

What our families are saying about the Seals!

As some of you know, [our player] and I checked out a bunch of clubs after leaving [another club] last Fall. Of all of them, we found the highest quality soccer learning (coaches from the Directors of Coaching on down, philosophy, technical training, engaged kids), organization/club support (financial management, communication, fields, etc.), competitive focus to develop strong teams, very strong culture/philosophy (development over winning and values they actually live: REP's -- Respect, Effort and Positivity).  All those things I liked at first blush turned out to be 110% true, and [our player’s] experience went from pretty meh with [other club] to pretty incredible with the Seals. If your kid's planning to play soccer in the Fall, I'd strongly encourage you to check them out before finalizing your plans.

(2010 Boys NorCal Team Family)

SF Seals is more than just a soccer club. It’s family.

(2009 Girls NorCal Team Family)

Amongst the range of club options in SF, the Seals have created a unique opportunity for kids to improve their game, at a high, passionate level - but without the pressures and internal competitiveness that you may see in other clubs.

(2007 Boys NorCal Team Family)

The SF Seals have been tremendous in supporting our players during this Covid-19 Shelter In Place (SiP). The programs they setup, including 3 weekly opportunities for Zoom practices plus all the extra training incentives, has kept players fit, active and improving in touch. Most importantly, it provides a team setting for the kids to engage socially and emotionally. It is just another measure of the Seals overall approach to player well being and development.

(2009 Boys NorCal Team Family)

Seals coaching and leadership were great! I had a lot of fun and would recommend Seals to any young player.

(2005 Boys NorCal Team Family)

We've been impressed with the coaches hard work, thoughtfulness, and creativity to keep our boys engaged, motivated, and healthy during these uncertain times. While our boys really miss playing with their teammates and coaches on the field, the online practices have provided continuity in developing their soccer skills, and have helped them stay connected to their teammates. We are very grateful to be part of the Seals community.

(2010 Boys NorCal Team Family)

Kids learn key principles for life - hard work, strategy, teamwork, being teachable, and positive attitude.

(2008 Girls NorCal Team Family)

The Seals are perhaps the best kept secret in San Francisco youth soccer. After bouncing around a few clubs in the city and never feeling like we were getting our money's worth, we were fortunate to discover the Seals. The Seals are different from other clubs. No player is a treated like a number. No player is less important than another. Every player is known to the coaches and every player matters. This is more than a club, it's a family. The Seals really care about the kids and about helping them grow as players.

(2005 Boys NorCal Team Family)

Shani is committed to helping the kids not only become better soccer players but also better people.

(2004 Boys NorCal Team Family)

The Seals use excellent coaches to teach soccer with values such as teamwork, positivity, and hard work baked into the program. The Seals philosophy emphasizes player development, not getting the "w," and our kids are better off for it.

(2005 Boys NorCal Team Family)

My son loves the Seals program. The coaches keep love of the game, respect for others, and healthy development of the boys up front while also inspiring a competitive team spirit. Just the right mix of technical development, personal development, and joy!

(2007 Boys NorCal Team Family)

Caring and dedicated coaches

(2008 Girls NorCal Team Family)

SF Seals are a true soccer club where they blend individual and team development, technique and fitness training, and tactics and skills. In the one year with SF Seals our 7th grade blossomed under their coaching.

(2005 Boys NorCal Team Family)

We love the culture and coaching at the club.

(2004 Boys NorCal Team Family)

The Seals looks out for the whole player and all players. They care about the kids, their safety and their development. With the added benefit of being organized!

(2005 Boys NorCal Team Family)

Our player has played soccer for eight years on the most competitive teams across three clubs in San Francisco. This has been our first year with Seals. I have a lot of good things to say about Seals soccer club, and its approach. The club provides a great environment for athletes to achieve their true potential. The environment is very different from other clubs that we've been a part of. The club has a desire to win games but won't win games at expense of players. Each game is looked at as opportunity to improve rather than win at all cost. My player says that Seals is a club that is hard to find, but once it's discovered, players don't leave.

(2007 Boys NorCal Team Family)

Shani and Mo are inspiring, and Young is so committed.

(2010 Boys NorCal Team Family)

Great coaching and player development

(2005 Girls NorCal Team Family)

The Seals has been an excellent club for my son, allowing him to develop his skills, fitness, game knowledge and sportsmanship, all while really enjoying the competitive but not cut-throat environment.

(2005 Boys NorCal Team Family)

Excellent program. Love the goalkeeper trainings!

(2010 Boys NorCal Team Family)

When we went hunting for a soccer club for our son, we knew we knew we had found a home with the SF Seals after just a few moments of talking with Board Secretary, Young Shin and Director of Coaching, Shani Simpson. The Seals is a small club that feels like a family. Kids and guardians alike feel connected to the club, and can always reach out to coaches and administrators if they need help or advice, or to register a concern. Coaches and administrators are terrifically devoted and go above and beyond to help. The Seals have a unique developmental approach that focuses on positivity, sportsmanship, fun, and fostering a love of the game. Coaches and families share in the clubs' value of skill development over winning, which allows for supportive learning and growing of players. Besides specific practices for specific teams, the Seals offer practices that allow for various age ranges to play together, the younger learning from the older, and the older learning to mentor the younger. These larger cross age, cross skills practices bring the club together in a lively work setting that not only challenges players, but also develops their understanding of camaraderie, and supports the sense of the club as a family. This spring the SF Seals stood out among clubs as they created a wonderful program for their players to engage with coaches and teammates from home via Zoom, as well as offering options for tracking skills and strength training, plus interviews with pro sports players that Seals players could live stream from home. The limitations that children have had to endure during Shelter in Place have been difficult, but the Seals gave our son direction and drive through their thoughtfully planned out Covid-19 program. Wonderful, dedicated club!!

(2009 Boys NorCal Team Family)

Excellent club operational management combined with true care and commitment to players--so impressed

(2009 Boys NorCal Team Family)