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2024-25 Program

SF Seals is excited to announce the 2024-25 Seals Soccer Program!  We spend a majority of our operating budget on 3 things:

  1. Cost of delivering the Program (e.g. league fees, tournament fees, fields, refs, equipment, etc.) 
  2. Coaching and professional development of our coaches
  3. Financial Aid to players who have demonstrated need 

We know club soccer is very expensive.  Therefore, we constantly strive to deliver the best possible program at the lowest possible cost.  SF Seals is proud to constantly innovate and refine our program in order to maximize the development of all Seals players.

As an Approved Public Benefit Organization (APBO), SF Seals will be able to deliver our program without charging extra fees for practice fields from SFRPD.

Summary Highlights For 2024-25 Program:

  • One fee covers all training and games throughout the program period
  • State Cup competition is included in NorCal NPL, Premier, and Gold competitive programs
  • Video recording and analysis service included in MLS NEXT, NorCal NPL, Premier, & Gold competitive programs
  • One regional tournaments are included in all NorCal competitive programs 
  • Additional club training ranging from age-based scrimmages to conditioning/fitness/agility/speed workouts and specialized Goalkeeper training are all included as part of the program fee

Fall 2024 Season will start the week of:

  • The first week of September for competitive teams for 12+ weeks (final details pending SFRPD field permits)
  • September for recreational teams for 11 weeks
  • September for microsoccer teams for 10 weeks

Our Winter Training season will run from Dec 2nd through February 25.

Spring 2025 Season (pending SFRPD field permits) will likely start the week of:

  • Late February/Early March for competitive travel and recreational teams for 12 weeks
  • Early March for micro teams for 10 weeks

Please note that MLS NEXT and NorCal competitive programs are annual programs that include Fall, Winter and Spring seasons.

For more information, please contact or register for more information by clicking on the link below.

Summary of SF Seals Programs

*NorCal U8-10 2nd & NPL U12-19 3rd Practice and Club Trainings held on non-SFRPD field 

Practice Schedule TBD. Each NorCal Team must meet SF Rec. and Park's residency requirement that 90% is made up of SF Residents.  After Rec. and Park determines all teams have met residency requirements,  they will issue field permits for practices and then games.  Until then,  the Seals do not know the practice schedule.

Additional Club trainings including Goalkeeper Training is included in the Program Fee for all Seals players

Expenses not included in Program Fee:

  • Personal equipment such as cleats, shin guards, and optional team gear such as jackets and backpacks.
  • Player travel costs for practices, games and tournaments.
  • Coach flight, lodging & meals for overnight tournaments, if any.
  • Team expenses such as game snacks, team parties and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Playing Time Guidelines

At SF Seals, our primary objective is player development.  We believe that playing in games as well as diligently participating in scheduled training sessions are important components of the player development process.

  • Micro and Recreational Soccer - we adhere to recreational league guideline of minimum of half a game for every player.  However, if a player is misbehaving or acting in a manner that seriously and negatively impacts the overall experience for his teammates, the coach may withhold the player from participating further in a game.
  • Competitive Soccer (Bronze/Silver) - while there are no minimum playing time rules set by playing leagues, our coaches will always give playing time to all players who are attending training sessions and working diligently to improve themselves and make a positive impact on the team.  Typically, all players should expect to play a minimum of 1/3 to 1/2 of a game.
  • Competitive Soccer (Gold/Premier, NPL, MLS NEXT) - our most competitive teams may utilize more variable playing time tactics based on the significance of each game.  However, it is extremely rare to have any player not play in a game.

Guest Player Policy

At SF Seals, we adhere to the guest playing rules set forth by the participating league of the team.  In leagues where guest players are allowed, SF Seals will only use guest players for the following reasons:

  1. When a team's game roster is short due to conflicts for players (vacations, school activities, illnesses & injuries, etc.), the team will invite appropriate guest players from other teams in the club (as allowed by league rules) in order to field a full team for the game.
  2. In select cases, the Director of Coaching may move a lower level or age player up to a higher level or age team game in order to further accelerate that player's development path.  In most cases, this is combined with shortage of players on the higher level or age team.

SF Seals do not move "ringers" or higher level players down to a lower level team for the purpose of winning games.  We strive to provide appropriate, yet challenging level of competition for each team in order to maximize the development opportunity for our players.

Refund Policy

Once a player has been registered to play for the team, the player is committed for the annual program (competitive) or seasonal program (micro or recreational) and is responsible for the full club fee.   There are no refunds - except under special conditions - as each team's budget is based on the program fee of registered players.   The initial deposit of $500 is non-refundable.     

A registered player will not receive a refund even if the player decides not to play for the spring season.

Exceptions for a partial refund can be made in writing for the following reason:  Serious injury or illness that requires a player to miss the majority of the season -accompanied with a doctor's note.  Written requests must be approved by the Director of Coaching.

SF Seals Scholarship Fund

SF Seals is 501c3 non-profit organization committed to making high level, competitive soccer accessible to as many SF families as possible.  A scholarship application and more information can be found at:

For more information, please contact