25+ years developing players for the highest level of play


SF Seals Coaching Program

The SF Seals have been coaching youth players to achieve their highest potential for over 25+ years. Coaches work to support the individual needs of each player as well as developing the team as a whole.

Training is broken down into three areas

1.  Skills growth

2. Game strategy and tactics

3. Overall team development

All training is age appropriate and follows the current U.S. Soccer Development Academy guidelines.

It is the belief of the SF Seals organization that successful players are developed and trained in a strong, supportive environment and all coaching (practice and game day) reflect this approach.

Shani Simpson, SF Seals Director of Coaching Development

Coach Shani leads the SF Seals coaching program and works along side each individual team coach to insure that they are consistently supporting the growth of players and teams. Shani holds a U.S. Soccer Federation National "B" Coaching License.

Coach Shani has worked with dozens of players who have gone on to play National Team, Professional and College. 

His playing highlights include:

- California Gold 2nd Division Professional 2004

- SF Seals 2nd Division Professional 1998-2000

- SF Seals 3rd Division Professional 1996-1997

Shani grew up in San Francisco attending the University of San Francisco (with a BA in English) and Sonoma State. He is currently in his third year at the San Francisco School of Law.

Head Coach Shani Simpson, working with the Girls team on game strategy