25+ years developing players for the highest level of play

SF Seals Alumni

The Seals have a strong history of developing players that have gone on to play on a National Teams and/or Professional Teams.

U.S. National Team Players


SEALS YEARS            



Wade Barrett 1998 Carlos Diaz 2006-2009
Rob Bonta
Joe Enochs
CJ Brown
David Kramer
Joe Cannon 1993-1995 Brandon McDonald
Peter Cochran 1993-1995 Albertin Montoya
Victor Cortez 2004-2010 Dimitrius Omphroy
Alberto Cruz 1986-19999 Zack Taylor
Troy Dayak 1998-2000 Marquis White  1992-1997

Other National Team Players




Suamy Alvarez 1994-1997 Honduran National Team
Rawlee Masaniai 2006-2009
Somoan National Team
Anani Mohamed 
Guyana National Team

Professional Team Players




Eduardo Albuquerque 1993  Brazilian First Division
Tony Alejandre 1986-1997   A League
Melchior Arnold 1989-1992 Swiss 1st Division; Captain
Espen Baardsen 1993-1995 English Premier League; Tottenham
Wade Barrett 1998 MLS
Rob Bonta 1987-1999 A League
CJ Brown 1993-1997 MLS
Efrain Burgos, Jr. 2004-2010 MLS
Joe Cannon 1992-1994 MLS
Calen Carr 1995-2005 MLS
Brandon Cavitt 1991-1996 A League
Peter Cochran 1993-1995 MLS
John Colan 2003-2009 Peruvian First Division
Victor Cortez 2004-2010 MLS
Troya Cowell 1993-1997 Belgium First Division
Chris Davini 1987-1997 A League
Troy Dayak 1998-2000 MLS
Carlos Diaz 2006-2009  Hungarian Professional League
Ryan Edwards 1998 MLS; Seattle Sounders
Joe Enochs
1987-1993 Bundesliga (1st American Player); Captain; Coach
Stefan Frei 2008-2009 MLS
Joel Hurd 1991-1998 A League
Hector Jimenez 2009 MLS 
David Kramer
Kyle Krpata 1993-1995 Continental Indoor Soccer League
Leo Krupnik 2003 MLS, Israel First Division,
UEFA Champions League
Peter Lovell 2008-2009 Argentinian Second Division,
Italian Series C
Eduar Mafla 2007-2009 Colombia First Division
Rawlee Masaniai 2006-2009 German Oberliga
Brandon McDonald 2006-2007 MLS
Mike McGinty 1987-1992 MLS
Josh McKay 1987-1997 MLS
Noah Merl 2008-2009 MLS
Jovan Milojevich 2007-2009  Montenegro Professional League,
UEFA Champions League
Colin Mitchell 2005 MLS
Albertin Montoya 1992-1994 MLS
Leyton O'Brien 1998 MLS
Dimitrius Omphroy 2004-2010 MLS
Anton Peterlin 2005-2008 English Premier League, Everton
Roman Ritz 1991-1997  A League
Bill Robertson 2008 New Zealand First Division
Luke Sassano 2007 MLS
Brain Sebapole 1998 South African Premier League
Shani Simpson 1985-2013 MLS
Stale Sobye 1993-1999 Norwegian 1st Division
Brian Taylor 1999 MLS
Danny Warrender 2008 English Premier League;
Captain, Manchester City Reserves
Tim Weaver 1992-1997 MLS
Marquis White 1992-1997 MLS
Kellan Wilson 2006-2009 German Oberliga, Finnish First Division
JJ Wozniak 1997 A League
Eduardo Yolde 1993-1995 Spanish League

To read more about the history of the Seals program, please visit www.ourSFseals.com managed by Paul Sheirich.

What happens when your dad is a former SF Seals player?

Check out Reina Bonta (14-years-old) daughter of Assemblyman Rob Bonta (SF Seals 1987-1999). She's got game!

Seals 1997 team, winner of the Division 3 Open Cup National Championships

Seals 1997 team, winner of the Division 3 (D3) Open Cup National Championships and the Lamar Open Cup National Champion semi-finalist.  This was the farthest any D3 team has gone in the Open Cup in the 100 year history of the competition and is often mentioned annually when the Open Cup Final is played

This team went on to play in the sixth and seventh greatest games played in the 100 year history of the US Open Cup as published on the US Soccer Website in 1998.

Roster was from left to right: Captain Angelo Sablo, JJ Wozniak (GK), Ken Folan, Shani Simpson (head coach of the San Francisco Seals), Tim Weaver, Troya Cowell, Shane Watkins, Marquis White, Kimtai Simpson, CJ Brown (kneeling), and Captain Rob Gallo.  The following year three of the players were in the MLS, one in the Belgium First Division, and the rest in the A-League (now "USL Pro").

John Colan (left), (Seals: 2003-2009), played for the Peruvian First Division now coaching with the Seals program.