25+ years developing players for the highest level of play

Program Overview

The SF Seals program aims to grow successful young soccer players – both on and off the field. 

With an emphasis on age appropriate skills development, deeper understanding of game strategy, and the importance of good sportsmanship, SF Seals players are being prepared for the next level of play. 

Since the SF Seals started, 15 former youth players have gone on to play for the National Team and 43 have gone pro playing for teams across the world. 

The SF Seals supports the passions of our youth players and understands that being on a team and working together to grow and learn is important to youth development. 

Our soccer program is aligned with the U.S. Soccer Development Academy guidelines established to help players learn and compete in the global world of soccer.

The SF Seals program is currently managing approximately 15 teams, boys and girls, from U8-U20 plus a highly competitive U23 college prep program.

All teams are coached by professional coaches, both in practice and game day. 

We do not currently manage any recreation level teams. Teams are not exclusively school based. Please see the specific program page on our website for more information about teams with openings, schedules, fees, etc.

If you have a team looking to join the SF Seals program, please contact us for more information